We work closely with Lithuanian farmers and buy only their produce to ensure that our products are of the very best quality. Please meet the farmers - our partners!


Farm. We buy Sea Buckthorn berries from Lithuanian organic farm, founded in the year of 2000 and covering the territory of 250 ha. The growers believe that Sea Buckthorn is beneficial to human health, thus no chemicals are applied while cultivating it.

Cultivation. Sea Buckthorn soil is not demanding. It grows well in both sandy and clay ground, as well as in black soil. The first Sea Buckthorn harvest can be already expected the next year after its planting. However, these are usually single berries. The highest yield (7-15 kg of berries from one plant) is collected at the 7- 9th year of plant life. It remains productive for 20 years.

Harvesting. As berries are harvested by hand, at least two people are required for constant work on the farm and 50 -100 extra workers are invited during the season.

Methods. The harvesting firstly involves cutting selected berry-laden branches, which are then put into a freezer. Once the branches are frozen, they can be easily stripped of their berries using special equipment.


Farm. The farm covers the territory of 250 hectares. As the farm is situated in the karst region (a special type of landscape that is formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks and characterized by underground drainage systems with sinkholes and caves), no or almost no any chemical fertilizers are used that are harmful to the soil and the farm itself.

Cultivation. Blackcurrant bushes can remain productive for 5–7 years. They should be pruned in order to stimulate the new growth and yield for another 7 years. The harvest depends on the weather conditions during the winter and spring, as well as humidity.

Harvesting. Flowering and harvest time of Blackcurrants is closely related to environmental conditions: if the weather in spring is warm and sunny with sufficient humidity, the harvest of Blackcurrants starts earlier. During the season about 1000 tons of fresh berries are harvested.

Methods. Blackcurrant growers use agricultural machinery, which significantly facilitates the farm work: it is used for planting Blackcurrant bushes, their pruning and harvesting.


Farm. A farmer Alfonsas Peckus is a scientist with PhD in physics, who has been implementing his ideas in Lithuania since 1990 by establishing the seed growing farm of crop and herbaceous plants. The farmer chooses only Lithuanian species suitable for our climate.

Cultivation. About 300 of hectares of farmland are currently used for agricultural experiments: to grow the species of valuable grain crop of which are still rare in Lithuania.

Even 3 Lithuanian species of Amaranth have been already developed.

Methods. The farm has been modernized; advanced technologies have been introduced and are still applied to daily activities. This helps the farm to successfully establish in the market of non-traditional crops.  Moreover, the farm has other facilities like grain storage towers, an optical seed treatment plant, special grain processing line and a peeling mill.